Creating an Accessory Dwelling Unit From Your Garage

Turning a garage into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) is frequently a fantastic solution since it allows you to convert unwanted space into long-term value for your home. You may build a little house and join the new wave of inventive housing while helping both your community and your bank account. With a little imagination and some acreage, you can turn a garage into an ADU. A garage can also be converted into an ADU.

Because California is experiencing a huge housing affordability crisis, state legislators have been exploring for solutions to create more high-quality houses without unduly hurting the environment or the population. California was originally a vast frontier with hundreds of miles of gorgeous, untamed land; yet, due to recent rises in property values, every square inch of the state is now regarded to be worth something. It is critical to convert a garage into a house or apartment while making the most of the open space rather than adding more space, and ADU conversions are becoming more common.

Examine the Current Condition of Your Garage

Many people who consider purchasing an ADU wind up deciding that they would rather convert their garage into a living area. Even if you don’t want to add more levels to your garage, you’ll need to start with an existing structure. On the other hand, you must be certain that you will not have to start from scratch and rewrite the architecture entirely. If you need to rebuild the foundations or the structure, as well as replace sections of the roof, starting over someplace else on the land may be more cost-efficient. Consider the rate of return on your investment (ROI). Put one foot in front of the other and climb to the summit. If you have never built anything before, it is critical that you have a professional, such as Acton ADU, inspect the structure you have created.

Don’t even bother starting construction on your house if your garage isn’t big enough or robust enough. If you do that, you’ll shortly find you’re in over your head. Converting an existing garage into an ADU might be difficult for those who are unprepared for the task. Everything from shattered glass to rotting wood is possible.

Investigate the Legislation

Before you begin the process of converting your garage into an ADU in California, you need first to determine what your local government will allow you to do and what permits you will need. As the number of cities, municipalities, and states implement legislation to improve the level of quality and safety supplied by all sorts of ADUs grows, it is critical to have a comprehensive awareness of the rules that regulate ADUs in your area.

ADUs are subject to the norms and regulations of the cities and municipalities in which they are located. These regulations and standards might include everything from design and size limits to exact material requirements. Although the criteria could differ from state to state and city to city, the great majority of municipalities demand that accessory dwelling units have at least one bathroom and one kitchenette. Because infrastructure costs may quickly build up, it is critical that you include this when developing your first budget. You should not build an extension to your ADU unless you have a compelling need for more room. This will assist you in saving money.

If you try to build an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU) without a permit, you will run into a slew of issues. It is quite unlikely that you will be allowed to keep your ADU. Instead, you would most certainly be obliged to demolish it at your own expense or face large fines as well as other financial issues. To prevent any of these risks, just obtain a permit and construct your ADU in compliance with the legislation. As a bonus, click here to learn how Acton ADU can help you create your ADU.

Additional Resources and Information

If you live in the state of California and wish to build an ADU on your property, you have many options. The first thing you should do is contact the authorities in your city or county to find out whether there are any laws regarding the construction of an extra housing unit.

After determining that you are ready to proceed with the operation, the next step is to get the necessary permits. The next step is to choose a builder who has expertise in constructing ADUs. You may look for contractors on the internet or ask your friends and family for referrals of reputable companies. Once you’ve chosen a contractor, he or she will be able to guide and support you during the planning and construction of your ADU.

Cost Estimation

Adding an ADU to your house is a great way to create extra money or provide a place for your family to stay when they come to visit. However, before embarking on such a project, be certain that you have properly assessed both the prospective advantages and the accompanying costs.

The first thing to address is how much money will be spent on the conversion overall. You should try to budget at least a few thousand dollars for this job, but the precise expense will depend on the size and condition of your garage. You will also need to get planning permission and building licenses, both of which may increase the overall cost.

Consider the continuing expenditures of owning and operating an extra housing unit. You will be responsible for the property’s upkeep, as well as any repairs and utility bills, such as those for gas, electricity, and water. You should also keep in mind that you might be held liable for any damage caused by tenants. This is an additional factor.

Last but not least, consider how much money you may make by renting out the ADU. The monthly rental rate for a typical ADU may be more than that of a normal parking space in a garage. On the other side, it is very probable that your ADU will be vacant for an extended length of time. In the case that this occurs, you will be liable for the relevant fees.

If you consider each of these factors, you will be in a better position to determine if converting your garage into an auxiliary dwelling unit (ADU) is the best answer for your scenario.

A Few Final Thoughts

Refurbishing a garage into an accessory dwelling unit can be advantageous to homeowners in a variety of ways. Acton ADU’s pros can work with you to design and build an ADU that meets your needs, whether you want to expand the amount of living space in your primary home, generate rental money, or just add value to it. Our team has years of experience designing and building ADUs that are both legally compliant and visually beautiful, which may make your life simpler. We would love it if you could contact us as soon as possible so that we can begin!