Few Cartridge Problems That Can Affect Your Printing Quality Abruptly


Print quality is the standard of the text or output produced by a printer. Several factors confirm this standard, but the most important one is the accuracy of the copy of the source material, depending on the kind and quality of paper used, as well as the printer’s specifications such as dots per inch (DPI), print-head capability, and the kind and quality of ink/toner used.

Many other problems affect the printing quality. However, the major problem arises because of the ink or toner cartridge. We have listed a few of the problems to understand better –

Ink and toner running low

Go to the control panel on your desktop/laptop and look for your printer properties/cartridge status. This will let you know how much ink or toner is remaining in the cartridges and whether they are causing a problem. Simply go online or go to the nearest local store to get a new cartridge.

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The trouble with Fuser roller Creating Ghost Image

If you notice a ghosted image of your printout in different spots on the page, this could be a problem with the fuser roll. This occurs because the previous print left toner particles that didn’t melt completely thereby, clinging to the fuser. Remove your fuser unit and replace it with a brand new one, which you should be able to get online and have delivered quite fast.

Incorrect room temperature

If your printer is in a low-humidity environment, ink can struggle to set and dry correctly on the page, resulting in prints that appear pale and light. The best environment for your printer is one that is neither too damp nor too dry. Also, keep in mind that humidity levels vary depending on the season.

Air bubbles in the ink cartridge

If you haven’t used your inkjet printer in a while, the mechanism that transfers the ink droplets to the paper (known as the print head) might get blocked or clogged, resulting in pale or missing print spots on the paper. Air bubbles can also get stuck in the ink cartridge well and be forced out instead of the ink droplet, resulting in missing print areas on the paper. You can either remove the cartridge and clean it with a damp cloth or run the cleaning process given on the settings twice or thrice to remove all bubbles.

Misalignment of Cartridge

Your cartridges can get misaligned with frequent usage. Most printers have an automatic system that you can use through the printer’s control panel to alter the alignment. Remove it using the hooks that came with it and try to re-insert it. It should seem nice and flat when properly installed.

Regular printer maintenance is also needed to maintain the printing quality. Always seek help from a professional if any time you feel the problem is complicated.