Matt Davies Stockton Shares the Very Best iOS and Android Apps for Runners


According to Matt Davies Stockton, for most people, their smartphone has become an inseparable accessory and a highly integrated tool in daily life. Smartphones are also highly used for sports or workout apps that make monitoring and tracking very easy. Let’s check out the best iOS and Android apps for runners.

The Apps

Strava – Strava is a great overall app for multiple sports activities. If your fitness routine is divided into multiple activities with running as a major component, Strava is the ideal app for you. Its dashboard allows you to track several aspects of your workout from a distance, time, and pace to breaks, and elevation.

Strava also has a highly active community with leaderboards, challenges, achievement badges, and more that incentivize you to push toward your goals. If you thrive on friendly competition and take the unbeaten path while running, this is the app for you. As a bonus, you can use the GPS data to make art with the path you run on. Just search for Strava art and you’ll be surprised how creative people can be with their sport.

Map My Run – This app is owned by the sports equipment company Map My Run and offers all the expected basic features of a running app. You get metrics like calories burned, pace, distance, time, and more. The app also allows you to link it to heart rate monitors and fitness trackers. You can also log the distance more accurately by linking your smart running shoes and entering robust data like food consumption.

The app also alerts you when you’ve reached a certain milestone and alerts you to get a new pair of running shoes. The app is so comprehensive that it even lets you specify the type of run, from running on a trail and treadmill to an evening stroll around the neighborhood.

Couch to 5K – If you’re a novice runner, Couch to 5K is the perfect running app for you. It can help you build up your running regimen and get in shape within a few weeks. When you open the app, you’ll be asked to sign in and set a goal date for your first 5K.

According to the set date and other data like your weight and calorie intake, the app will design training schedules for you with half an hour routes a few times a week till the race. The app comes with a built-in pacer that tells you when to walk, stroll or run and trains you through the set route. It helps you gradually build stamina and strength. With its premium subscription, you also get to choose a virtual coach.


Matt Davies Stockton suggests that you try out the above-mentioned apps and stick to one that suits your needs. Most of them have premium features that come with a trial period. You can use the apps through their trial period and select one that adds the most value to your morning runs.