Some Ideas on e-books

Lately I just read that the very first time, Amazon . com had offered more ebooks than paper books. I’ll admit to feeling distressed only at that news.

I’m able to certainly recognize and understand the several benefits that e-books can offer. Cost, convenience, search features, and easy portability and storage are only a couple of benefits that spring to mind. I’ve e-books and that i enjoy them. “On this page” comes with several benefits.

I well remember my College days and carrying the heavy stacks of huge necessary books. How convenient it should be for students today who must take only their electronic tablet together every morning. My daughter, who lately finished college, transported 70% of her books together with her on her behalf iPad! Even though they remained as ridiculously costly, the e-books continued to be less expensive compared to paper editions.

And price. It’s difficult to argue from the many e-books available which are totally free!

However, there’s a negative side towards the eBook phenomena.

I’m afraid the e-books are gradually killing our book shops. For me personally it store happens to be a basic and peaceful refuge in the storms and hectic pace during the day. A location full of comfortable chairs and fascinating people. A location that smelled of paper and books. A location where books might be discussed and time might be spent browsing the numerous aisles using their colorful residents. A people place where human interaction was encouraged. I simply about always found a magazine which i made the decision I have to have.

I recall like a youthful man the run-lower “used book” stores that may be located on the downtown back roads associated with a major city. These stores were always full of that wonderful musty smell. That unique odor of stacks of dusty old leather bound books that were lengthy forgotten. Now I can not recall the before I saw a whole shelf of real leather bound books.

I reside in a tiny town, and last summer time I attended the sad closing in our only community book shop. This excellent place would be a victim towards the poor economy and also the rise from the e-books. This store was where I’d my major book signings and readings. This is when I met many new authors in their signings. It was where I spent a lot of my lazy Saturday afternoons. My dog Seamus was always welcome there and that he usually supported me. They’d keep a bowl water close at hands for him. The neighborhood artisans collected in the book shop on their own last working day. Poets browse the “Requiems for any Book Shop” poems that they written for that occasion. It had been an unfortunate day for those. A thrift store has opened up for the reason that location.