Subject Line Formulas: Give Your First Impression a Boost 

Subject lines can be compared to the first impression. Your letter may contain a ton of interesting information, but your subject line may determine whether someone will proceed to read it. Writing a subject line is no rocket science, but there are still some formulas that you can implement. 

What are the things to do and what to avoid?

There is a lot that goes into writing subject lines, even though they may seem not too important. You can discover some of the best tactics and 4 cold email subject line formulas by clicking here:

As for other recommendations you may find useful, they include:

  • Don’t use the most spammy words

Some words have been used so many times in subject lines that they are associated with spam. The top options include “free,” “help,” “attention,” “perfect,” “incredible,” and more. If you are just warming up an email address, it is especially important to be careful, as you don’t want to be recognized by the system as a spammer. 

  • Avoid reusing the same lines 

Reusing subject lines is never a good idea, especially if you have already a base of people subscribed to your newsletter. Also, even if you send cold emails, you should switch things up to see how other subject lines are performing. 

  • Understand your target audience

The target audience largely determines how much space for creativity you have. You have to tailor your subject line to appeal to the interests of your audience. Depending on the recipients, you can also be more or less humorous, so you have to always keep in mind who you are talking to.  

  • Get to the point and say the most important things

You have only so many letters when creating your subject line. The most important words should be used at the beginning and you have to pay attention to the overall length of the message. 

  • Check your subject line for banality 

Genetic subject lines that everyone uses only cause people to be annoyed and send them straight to the spam folder. It is better to make your subject line more simple as opposed to using the same old cliches that many companies resort to. 

There are many approaches to creating subject lines, but the mentioned tips are true regardless of the business that you are trying to promote.